Are you a Busy mom Struggling to Balance a Healthy Lifestyle With the Demands of Your Family?

Hi, my name is Christina Ryan. I am the owner and the person behind Healthy Blessed Family. I know what it is like to struggle with your weight and try diet after diet without seeing results. When I found Trim Healthy Mama, it changed my life because it is not a diet but a lifestyle. I have figured out how to not only lose weight, but also keep it off as well as stay active with my family for the first time ever! I want to help you Mama. If I can do it, I know you can do it too!

Are you looking for extra support on your Trim Healthy Journey? I offer 1:1 Coaching, and would love to walk side by side with you and help you to reach your queen goal weight. Invest in yourself today, and finally achieve your health goals!

Lost 55 pounds; went from a size 3XL to a Large/XL in clothing

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I would like you to meet my family. They are the ones who inspire me daily! My husband David and I have been married for 24 years. We are blessed with two beautiful girls by the gift of adoption, Bella (10) and Gigi (23). They are my why for getting and staying healthy. They are my why for wanting to help other moms achieve the same goals. I need to be here for them!