In August of 2021, I decided to start my Trim Healthy Journey. At first, I had signed up with Weightwatchers because I used to do that a few years back and I was successful with that program until I had a hysterectomy about 7 years ago.

I weighed a very unhealthy 274 pounds. I was blessed in August of 2021 when two of my sisters in Christ from our Catholic Schoolhouse Coop introduced me to Trim Healthy Mama. I bought the plan book and the Trim Healthy Table book and started reading.

I didn’t know that when I began this journey, God would heal me spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I started with the Trim Healthy Table book and started making recipes out of there for our family. I also tried the breakfasts and lunches that sounded good to me. I found a few favorites right away. I realized as I was reading the plan book that this is lifestyle and not a diet, and that it is biblically based. That is what sold me right from the beginning.

I jumped in with both feet and have discovered I love cooking. I have always loved baking. I rediscovered my love of baking. I love that I can eat dessert for breakfast if I want because it is healthy and on plan. This was another pro in the column for Trim Healthy Mama.

I have always struggling with cooking. When I got married, I could only cook microwavable things or macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. Luckily, my husband David loves to cook and this took care of us for several years. I did learn along the way but never really enjoyed cooking till I started Trim Healthy Mama.

That first year, I focused on eating only on plan and separating my fuels. I hardly ever had a crossover till my second year on the plan. I even bring my own dessert or even sides to events. I bring my own meals at times to church. I lost so many inches as well as 50 pounds my first year on THM. I didn’t worry about the different S meals during this year. I just focused on separating my meals by fuels.

During this second year, I have enjoyed a few crossovers from time to time as I know they are on plan. I still have another 70 pounds I would love to lose. I have found out through research during my mature mama years, my body craves and needs more E and FP meals as well as Light and Deep S meals instead of the heavy S meals.

I have found myself sharing Trim Healthy to everyone I meet. This is why I decided to become a coach. I want to help everyone I can. This is an amazing plan, and is sustainable through all seasons of life.

I hope I can help bless you and your family through sharing Trim Healthy Mama like it has blessed our family! Click here today to find out about the 1:1 Coaching Program! I would love to work with you!


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